Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dear Rachel Zoe- a fan letter

Dear Rachel Zoe,

If I were to ever become human [how do you manage to stand on only 2 legs!!?] I think part of me would like to be you. This is why....
1. Rodger is easy on the eyes.
2. You get to play with all kinds of neat clothes and sparklers and such.
3. I am into sunglasses and you wear a lot of sunglasses.
4. You have some pretty intimate access to a lot of celebs. That's hard core!
5. We are both smallish, girlish, and we are both fierce fashionistas.
6. I want to be able to say "B---nanas" just like you do.
7. I want a Brad of my own, but unless Taylor changes her tune... I pass on T. [hi Brad!!!]
8. Bangles. You wear them a lot I want to. Right now, on me bangles just fall off!
9. I have fashion ideas I can share with Dior, Armani... just like you do!
10. You have a driver and I would need one since I can't drive.

Seriously, think there is room in this world for a 4 legged version of you? I even think my friend Tootsie would fill Taylor's role so much better than Taylor!

Sigh. For now all I can do is check out the fall line and wonder why it is I don't have the phone number to the Marchesa designers so I could order up a little something... for myself.


BTW... Have you checked out my fab curly white coat? You should! It would inspire you to design the ultimate knock off for 2 leggeds, a FAUX Bichon like coat! And you are doing faux furs.... so...mmmmmh???


Honeygo Beasley said...

Silvie, you have great ideas for Rachel Zoe. And I love your white bow! How did you manage to keep that in your hair - was it just for Rachel? What do Wendy and JD think of your letter to Rachel? Let me know if she writes back ...

silvieon4 said...

Ahh I spot another fan. BA....NANAS!
The bow was on me for about 2 hours.
It 'cidentally' fell off.