Monday, September 14, 2009


"Uffa". That word is a constant on momma's lips lately. "Uffa" generally gets muttered, semi yelled and usually is said with gesticulations. [I think that is the only way momma knows how to talk is with her hands... tie her hands and she might go mute. I crack me up. Mhh better hide because when she reads this she might crack me up!] I had to go and look up this uffa word. I was sure I was going to uncover this as a serious curse word. Something to tuck in my arsenal of rage to unleash on JD at some appropriate time. Uffa!!! I even practiced it in front of a mirror with paw motion, even! But you can't really put all of your emotions into something you don't I gurgled it.
Yea, yea, Google I know. Gurgle sounds better to me. I like it.I am using it.

Anyway, after spending hours reading weird stuff I realized my approach was wrong. I was looking for the meaning of uffa, but I forgot about you 2leggeds and you "languages"... So back to square one.

What language is uffa found in? I watched momma. I made her uffa a few times by depillowing the couches. [major uffa there] After the 3rd depillowing...the hands were going and at one point she broke out in "Per Dio- mo' basta!" That I know! Italian!!!! So uffa must be Italian.
Ok. starting point must be the online Italian-english dictionary.

This must be a really bad word. Looking it up yielded this:
"Pocket Oxford Italian Dictionary © 2006 Oxford University Press:

uffa: WordReference English-Italian Dictionary © 2009
Compound Forms/Forme composte:
ahimè, uffa
ahimè; uffa
heigh ho
uffa, uff (esclamazione di noia, stanchezza)
ho, humˡ
uffa exclamation (con impazienza) come on!;
(con tono seccato) damn!

Are you kidding me???? All that work, to find out all it is is an exclamation of frustration?
Damn is the worst possible meaning? Are you joking. I feel so cheated. I really wanted something more....Uffa that ticks me off!!!

Mhh. Wait JD might not have invested as much into this as I have.... I am still going to try it on him....

At the same time... momma is annoyed...NOT mad... very good to know that.
Yes, knowledge is power and power is important.

Do you know what it takes to win a million bucks???? YOUR VOTE, so do it now.
because know you have knowledge.

UFFA I don't want to lose

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