Monday, September 21, 2009

Emmy's fashions :Ba... nanas & BRUSSELL SPROUTS

The sum total of last night : channeling Rachel Zoe and watching the Emmys.
Yes, after a long day at Mutt Strutt I embraced the Emmys like the guilty pleasure it should be.
The appeal is it's inane reality. I mean.. it all boils down to a bunch of actors playing dress up in a fierce, but closed competition for the imagination of the audience and publicity. Mh. I should try wearing a designer gown and doing some poses... Do you think that would work for my publicity for the contest???? Thinking about it.

I sat last night on momma's lap and got a belly rub while watching the show. The comedy was forced, the skits were sub par... I guess I expected more intellectuality [this is why I needed the belly rubbing]. But the clothes... ahh the clothes. I have done fashion posts before, this one is going to be different. Rachel Zoe, my mentor, my styling uber fashionista, I invoked you and took deep breaths and channeled you... Here are my results:

The BA.....NANAS!:
Drew Barrimore.... is that dress made out of sherbet? I would love to taste it. It looks delicious. Do you know how much begging I have to do to a get a lick of sherbet around here?
I like it. Is that fur on the bottom/ Really I like the color of the dress. I want to taste it.
Chloƫ Sevigny polka me happy! I love love love the dress. BA [wait for it....] NANAS! Dot is perfection!!!
Kaley Cuoco and Sandra Oh. Textured gold. Ohh that would be so fun to do a back roll in. Pretty, simple, elegant. Me like.
Debra Messing Love the red sparkles on a tall sparkly redhead. She owned the look! Mariska Hargitay , Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Christina Applegate movie star looks with a movie star dress. Nailed it!

Blake Lively Versace... boring, good color, just boring execution, it just went for the obvious.
Leighton Meester Ok. why do I feel I should order a cocktail and put another nickle in the slot machine? I am thinking Vegas??? Cesar Palace cocktail waitress? Odd reaction, don't you think?
It's that dress... Ditch it... And give to me.. all those knots would be delicious to untie.
Olivia Wilde Whoever tore up this poor girl's dress shame on you! It could have been something special. But in this shape, missing the whole back and with that big tear in the front... PATH.....Etic.... [I am puckering just like Rachel would] She tried to own it as an edgy look... nahhhh . MISS!
Tina Fey it looked ok. I am just going to say it. Tina, get yourself a 64 crayon box. Learn colors!
[somebody had to say it]
Sarah Silverman- ok why. That's all I am going to say. I don't even want to sniff that dress.
It is just too ugly. But those pockets... you could hide a whole lot of chewies in there!
Padma Lakshmi why would a former model agree to wear that? Who did you owe a favor to? That red stuff on your hip? Heat spot? Rash? Hope you recover soon. They might have to shave it, you know....
Elisabeth Moss Borrowing the slippery comforter from the guest room and wearing it as a dress, all wrinkly and all is NOT a good idea. Boy are you going to be in trouble with your momma!!!
Kristen Wiig- I get it! An early peak into Halloween??? Wrong venue. BTW... I hate spiders, spider webs... cob webs... Your sleeves make me itchy.
Jon Cryer- The Bumble bee song keeps playing in my head... another Halloween preview?
Patricia Arquette Mirage of decolletage? Nooo- Un homage to spillage. No no no no no. You were spilling out and not in a good way.
Lisa Edelstein tip for next time... remove nightie before putting on Emmy dress. Even I know that!

Who did you love and what did you hate???

Back to my reality.

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