Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A WARNING to elephants!

What a day. My ears are very red and I am in the middle of a very very strange day. It started innocently enough, but is quickly degrading into one of those days that try a dog's soul.

I love momma, BUT. Let me take it one step at the time. You all know momma loves to cook. She bakes. I like her food. Seems that most everyone loves her food. Maybe too much. Anyway, the thing is, momma cooks her cravings. If she craves something, she makes it. Most times, she will taste it and her cravings will be "satisfied". Daddy and everyone else, have the task of eating momma's cravings. Very occasionally she shares with us 4leggeds. I do resent not being invited to share the profiterole craving. Or the panettone french toast craving... but hey, you make do with what you get.

This morning, out of the blue, momma announced that she knows fall is here because she has a craving for ...Oh dear me... I can't even say it... deep breath... the woman has a craving for elephant's ears! Gasp. Yes she actually said that.

Look, I know I have done entire posts complaining about the fact that evolutionary adaptation has limited a canine's palate, BUT I am NOT eager to taste elephant's ears!

I have done everything I know to distract the woman. But I am a small dog and that woman is OCD about her cravings. She is planning on making [queasy here] elephant's ears this afternoon. she is walking around talking about light, fried, sugary, crispy.. elephant's ears!!!!

If you are an elephant and you are reading this... please HIDE. Please pass the word.. She is after you ears. And we all know, 2leggeds are absolutely omnivorous.
I can't imagine an elephant without his or her ears! But I know momma and I know she is determined.

She has this giant paella pan... I bet she is planning on using that to cook the ears in...

I am doing all I can to distract her, but elephants please HIDE.....

Momma look.... shiny object!!

hide just hide....

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Anonymous said...

Oh, 'vie, you are so funny! How you make me laugh...