Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dismayed, bothered and BEWILDERED am I...

So I have spent the morning doing everything possible to keep momma too busy to make elephant's ears. I must have de pillowed that couch 11 times... I insisted on going outside about 20 times. I barked at the wind. I played tug of war with her tassels, I fought the roomba squirrel cat. I sort of unrolled some TP... I even made it rain toys from upstairs... I am wiped out! I did it all. Anything and everything I could do to stop her elephant ears quest.Even knocked the phone off the receiver.
Got Wendy to help. JD, that's another story. He told us not to bother him until momma went to get the ears...fair enough.

Watched momma go into the pantry and come out with flour... sugar, eggs, baking powder... milk...
As long as she did not head for her car to go get elephant ears, I was ok with the stuff from the pantry.

We sat in the kitchen blocking the door to the garage... and just watched... in silent vigilance. She mixed up the stuff, rolled out dough... fried it... sugared it... and ate a bite with a big smile on her face. She said... "best elephant's ears - ever!"

??? Hmmm???
Dough, that was fried dough... NOT ears. NOT Elephant's ears! What on earth???

Wait a minute. It cannot be. Is this another one of those 2legged oddities... this stupid thing you humans do with food names? You know what I am talking about...
You name stuff with weird names... for no apparent reason...
You put me through emotional turmoil with yet another weirdly named food????

I am just going to plotz.

Wendy is right... we need to make lists of these strange named foods, so other 4leggeds don't go through the misery we just suffered!

Hot dogs
Buffalo wings
Toad in the hole
Pigs in a blanket
Elephant's ears
Langues de chats. [cat's tongues]
alouettes sans tĂȘtes [headless larks]
Ant's climbing up a tree
hoppin' john
shoofly pie
swamp cabbage
po' boy sandwich
frogmore stew
peacemaker sandwich
prairie oysters
Montana tendergroins,
cowboy caviar,
swinging beef,
and calf fries

Beware... you hear any of the above... the name has NOTHING to do with the food. NADA... Nicht... Zilch. Just 2legged being bizarre again...

And they wonder they have so many problems communicating with each other and with animals.... DUH!!!!

I am going for a nap.
fried dough..... honestly!!!!!

PS. if you know of any more weirdly named foods, feel free to add on! Grrr the perils of living with 2leggeds....

Oh yes
PSS: To all Elephants, sorry about the warning, NEVERMIND... go back to what you were doing...
I feel so Emily Latella.... sigh...

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