Thursday, September 17, 2009

YOU feel what you eat

Just having my morning foam. Decided to have it in the study today. Change of scenery. Morning foam makes me feel good.

I know you 2leggeds are fond of saying that you are what you eat, but after a lot of thinking about this, I have decided you are wrong. Really. I would be a lamb by now!!!

Actually you FEEL what you eat.

Think I am crazy?
Think again. It is all about the chemistry and patterns and associations.
Ok ok. One step at the time.
The chemistry:

My morning foam is skim milk. Milk has calcium which is known to calm nerves when one is feeling stressed or anxious. Milk, like turkey also has tryptophan is important for producing serotonin, which elevates mood.

Momma, I am feeling stressed... I need some juicy turkey for dinner. [This post has lots of potential...]

Good complex carbohydrates allow the amino acid tryptophan to enter the brain and become seratonin. And that is why pasta, pizza, bread cereals make you feel good!

Foods rich in Omega oils boosts seratonin production and make your brain function better. Think of omega oil like a brain lubricant. Would you dare deprive your car engine of oil? No. So be kind to your brain.
My love for white tuna and salmon is perfectly justified...

Coffee, chocolate [ick, but you 2leggeds seem to really like that poison] are stimulants which give you a surge of energy.

Get the idea?

Pattern and associations.

Patterns of behavior are also responsible for how you feel about certain foods. Comfort foods are those you associate with your childhood. So, one man's mac and cheese is another man's risotto.

Bottom line is... You FEEL WHAT YOU EAT!

Do you agree?

So, eat something wonderful today, feel great and do wonderful things, like VOTE for me!!!


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