Wednesday, September 2, 2009

WENDY on watch

Wendy is supervising the gardeners. She is not very fond of them as they are in her eyes "intruders".

They bring machines, they mess up the grass, they are noisy, they are loud, they obviously have no appreciation for nature because it seems like they are always re arranging it. And, when they leave...there is broken grass everywhere!

If any of us did that to the garden, so you think we would ever be allowed out? NOOOOOOOO. Really if you want fair, you need to go to Richmond
for the County Fair, 'cause that is the only fair you are going to get...JD makes a point of rolling into the cut grass. It happens every single time and every single time momma is shocked. I am rolling my eyes. So that is what I expect will happen this morning. JD drama.

But while Miss Wendy is supervising, let me tell you about last night.

We went out with daddy. He had promised us a good walk and given the fact that momma is still semi broken, we have to wait for daddy for long social walking. Yes I mean that. The tree of us are accustomed to walking and socializing. Most 2leggeds are shocked to see 3 Bichons out together. I have no idea why. I have counted as many as 7 2leggeds in groups. [editor's note...7 is the biggest number Silvieon4 recognizes]
The sight of us always brings a big smile and a greeting. Last night as we were crossing the parking lot, two lovely ladies flagged us. Well we stopped and daddy talked to them and guess what? They knew all about me! They are fans, they read this blog and they have been voting!!! Shhhh JD. He is sooooo jealous., you should have seen the way he cut in and pushed his way into a belly rub... shameless...
I was thrilled to meet my fans and they told us about their Bichon. I love knowing about you guys as much as I love telling you about moi.
And aunt Robin, they know you and uncle Jack! Honestly I think aunt Robin and uncle Jack know the whole world. Miss Renee, when you go back to work at the library in Alexandria, please give my regards to all those wonderful supporters who vote for me there, and yes y'all...still contest time, stay focused... I need to actually win!

Going for my breakfast and foam
later gators...


bichonpawz said...

I just love reading about all of your escapades!!! You guys sure lead an interesting life! Wait...what do you mean that your mom is broken? Hugs to all of you!! (and yes, JD would be most welcome on our journey!)

silvieon4 said...

Hi!! I miss you. Momma is broken. She had lots of embroidery, arms ankles... shoulder... all blue stitches and.... NO Squeaker.... I mean really! I wish you would take JD. He thinks he is sooo macho. He barks when he sees Lady Bug on the screen. But... he also barks at Chloe....How is your knee? Momma wants to know. And she says no misery does not love company.??? ok...