Sunday, September 13, 2009

Yoga Dogs !?

Yoga Dogs Say 'Ohm,' We Say 'OMG'

I am not embracing the trend. I love the yoga mat momma has. It is comfy and cushy to nap on.
She is very possessive and will not let you chew it. I know, I tried. But I rather do all my stretching while getting pawssaged. Besides, some of those positions are just weird.

Ever watch your human do yoga with the Wee? Funniest thing in the world. And then they try to look serious and give you "the eye" while standing on one foot trying not to fall over. Seriously!

And the sounds, oh man the sounds.... The deep breathing punctuated with the occasional "OY' or "OUCH' or "OOHHF' followed by the groaning and body rubbing of the sore part.

So the real question that begs for an answer is "WHY do they do it?????"

Here is my low tech, low impact, all around beneficial solution. Want to exercise???
TAKE ME FOR A WALK. [Raising my right eye....] I will take you for a RUN and we both get something out of it.... giggle giggle... Don't worry, your mat will still have some use, we can both nap on it.

I love you momma even when you do those weird poses....


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