Thursday, September 10, 2009

And this is why YOU are rubbing MY belly

Five things you did NOT know about 4leggeds.

1. We have evolved to read human signals better than any other species. Even better than chimps.*

2. The human-canine relationship has been a selective factor leading to distinct evolutionary changes. In easy lingo: Canine cognition is effected by human interaction. WE LEARN FROM YOU! Now that you know, you have a responsibility to TEACH!!!

3. Dogs always look to humans for help. Researcher Ádám Miklósi at Eötvös University in Budapest, Hungary conducted the "shell game" tests on wolves. The test wolves were raised by humans and socialized to a comparable level as their dog counterparts. But the wolves could not perform to the level of dogs. Miklósi's test also tested the human dependency factor. He presented both dogs and wolves with an unsolvable problem—an out of reach bowl of food. The wolves continued to work at the trying to get the food for frustrating long periods of time, BUT the dogs quickly looked at the humans for help.
So while dogs are descendant from wolves WE have EVOLVED past them!

4. Dogs breeds developed to better perform special functions needed by the humans. IE... hunting, warmth, protection...companionship...And in sharing food, shelter, survival, companionship and play, modem dogs have genetically acquired an insight about humans unlike any other animal and rightfully earned BEST FRIEND status.

5. In many ways, we 4leggeds, complete you! We developed our sniffing and smelling skills so you did not have to! *

*Randall Parker at 2004 February 20 08:57 PM Trends, Human Evolution

teach me more...
and rub my belly while you do it


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bichonpawz said...

VERY interesting! And my girlz will do absolutely anything for a belly rub!!