Thursday, September 24, 2009


Morning world. I am stretching and yawning. Sleep was particularly wonderful this morning and I am reluctant to wake up. But that sunshine... it just pushed its way into my eyelids, so here I am.

Cinnamon. I am smelling that. Mh. Momma must be making bagels. She has been talking about cinnamon raisin bagels. I pass. I need a raisin like I need a hole in my head.

Did I tell you that I got to see my human siblings yesterday? I did! It was very nice to meet some of the people my Dowi works with. They all smell delicious. And I understand that there is some serious voting for moi going on there, :) So I am grateful to all. Thank you and keep it up. I need a weekly win.

Have you noticed that the 2leggeds who vote for me are very good looking, sensitive, very smart and incredibly fashionable?

JD did it again... pushed his way in and demanded belly rubs from everyone. I was polite. I am always polite. I just wish I knew what gives JD that sense of entitlement.

Northern VA I worked yesterday to make you aware of who I am and what TBFR stands for. Tootsie I was in your neck of the woods. Lots of Bichons in Arlington. Even more in Old Town. Did not get to go to doggie cocktail hour. A certain party pooper had to get back home... Sticking my tongue out at you know who you are...

I am being informed that my breakfast is ready, but before I go, let me tell you, that if you want to up your Q factor, you must VOTE for me!!!!

Later gaters, GO VOTE


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silvieon4 said...

Of course you voted. After all YOU ARE GREAT LOOKING, INCREDIBLY SMART, FASHIONABLY DRESSED AND YOU SHOW GREAT TASTE AND CHLOE GIVES YOU THE INSIDE SCOOP! BTW, I started getting Rachel Zoe daily reports... so maybe she read the blog?