Monday, September 7, 2009

the BEST pillow

Hello world. Rainy day... Snuggling is the best way to deal with rain. And the best snuggle pillow in the world for a 4legged is a 2legged. For softness and warmth, nothing beats my human brother as a pillow! And he smells yummy. And you get a nice scratch while falling asleep.

I am just trying hard to understand why it is that he has to go back to the District. Why can't the District come here?

I wish all my buds at White Cottage could have their very own forever family. I like big families. Lots of petters. If I win this contest I could help many more 4leggeds get to a forever home.

Mhh. just checked. Voting is OK. But can you talk your friend, neighbor, relative, employee, boss, doctor, dentist.... etc into voting? Please. Try.

I have faith in you

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