Monday, September 14, 2009

DOING it- The Crazy puppy dance!

Hey world do the crazy puppy dance with me! I am celebrating. OWEN has his forever home and a new Bichon sister named Abby!

Owen, we are all so happy for you. Just make sure that you practice your full Bichoness on the whole family! I hear you are working your charms on your new momma already. :)) Good for you!

Oh. Dear foster mom Susan. I know you have an empty spot right now, and I know you miss the kissy boy, but maybe you can help another Bichon get to where Owen is? You really did a wonderful job with him and we are so very proud of you. My momma says you have the biggest heart. Next time I see you, can you show me your biggest heart? [I don't think I have ever seen a heart!]

Back to Owen. You need to stay in touch and of course we shall see you at all the upcoming events. Tell your humans that they are welcome into our TBFR family.

So world, this is why we do it , do it... dancing the crazy puppy dance! Do it...

Wait, do the crazy puppy dance after you VOTE!


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