Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday morning

Mhhhh, slowly stretching and acclimating to a fall morning, it is wet out there, and neither the Wendy nor JD want to run out with me. They are lazy. Mhhh. Hello world. Two events behind us, Mutt Strutt and of course Stockley Gardens- now we get serious. Today is the start of a new voting week. Today is the start of Bark in the Park preparations. You want to know how I know this? I saw momma's baking list. Yes, so far we have not had a weekly win so we have to bake to support our rescue. OK, she bakes... I watch and I sniff. But to let momma bake, I give up momma time! So I sacrifice!!! A lot!!!!

Bark in the Park is the big event. I will be getting groomed, and will be in attendance wearing one of my tiaras, and I will there to meet, greet and campaign. You know VA, I am doing my part, so I expect you to do yours.

You want to know what's on that baking list?? You little glutton. What's that knowledge worth to you? She mentioned that she has to make sure her biscotti addicts are taken care of. Would that be you Auntie Lisa? Or you, auntie Cynthia.... or you... uncle Don... or you....???
Personally I love the pumpkin biscotti, but somebody around here is very stingy with them....

Judging from the amount of flour and the different types of flour, there will be baking. Hope she does not run out this year like she did last year and the year before... I guess you better get there early.

There are roomers about TV coverage. Mh. Thankfully I have no bad side. They have a perfect 360 of me from anywhere. We shall see.

Back to this weekend. Stockley Gardens was nice. Even the weather cooperated.

We went shopping afterward and here is the interesting nugget: saw my friends at the Coach store on the Outer Banks. Visited and shopped there. I am quoting here, "Coach does not discriminate against patrons with 4 legs." Do you hear that Walmart? I have never been inside a Walmart, but momma says I am not missing anything. My Coach store has the nicest petters and they carry great collars, and coats, and purses and carriers and such. LOVE IT!

Rocky, been seriously considering your suggestion on California. Specially in light of the fact that my 2legged sis is visiting San Fancisco. You know what I discovered? I discovered that you can miss someone who lives far away, even more when they are farther away than usual. Weird.
The Dowi sent pictures. She is going to Napa today. Sounds like it will be restful. Nap-a. I could have gone and cuddled with her.....

Oh well
Go vote go have breakfast
It is Sunday!!!!


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