Saturday, September 12, 2009

This is WHY

The last month I have been pushing hard to win this contest for a million dollars. It is titled the cutest dog contest. Now, I know I am cute. I am told a zillion times a day that I am deliciously cute. So, I don't need to win a contest to validate that. I believe momma, daddy, and the rest of my family and friends. The money would be nice, but I have plenty of chewies! BUT. I do need to win. See, I have pledged all my winnings to my alma mater TIDEWATER BICHON FRISE RESCUE [TBFR]. Why, you ask? For openers, they saved my life. I was on my way to a [gasp... it thuds my tummy to even think it] a puppy mill. I was lucky . No cage for this girl. And more than my own personal experience... TBFR saves many many Bichons from all sorts of "situations". Some unfortunate, some unspeakable, some horrible... all sad.

Those of us who make it to TBFR have a future. We get medical help, we get socialization, we get behavior modification, we get forever homes. Some of us get spoiled more than others... hmmm.

It is important work that Uncle Jack and Auntie Robin do. It is life saving. I need to make sure that TBFR goes on forever and that no Bichon in need is turned away. I need to pay them back for my life now.

Do you understand why I need your help? You and I can make a world of difference to so many dogs. Dogs like Owen.

Owen, running loose and picked up by Suffolk Animal Control in May 2009, and rescued by TBFR. Owen was so matted that TBFR had to have him shaved bald. His hair was shaved off in one big rug-one huge piece with ticks crawling around underneath it. Rescued THANKS to Jack and Robin Gray who run TBFR. They help so many of us Bichons! Owen is now fostered ad cared for and loved by Susan.


Owen is much loved and is an absolutely wonderful dog.

Put away your hanky. Do something constructive!




Pumpkin said...

Wow Owen looks so handsome now and is groomed beautifully!
Pumpkin and Mom

Pumpkin said...

He's so adorable!


Pumpkin and Mom

silvieon4 said...

Owen is being adopted today... We are all so excited, except his foster momma who says she will miss her kissing boy.