Tuesday, September 29, 2009


We, JD, Wendy and I, survived cranky 2leggeds. We survived their fast. For a while there we were worried. Daddy was looking at our food with a funny look. And that whole conversation about where the sun was setting and blah blah blah was odd. This morning, just when I thought things were getting back to normal, momma decided to make pumpernickel bread. The only question I have on my lips is why. Why, why, why. ICK I am not a fan. Really I am not. I would rather have some brioche. Or maybe some of that delicious ciabatta, or how about breadsticks? We all love those! Who ever came up with than name? Pumpernickel. Really? See, I told you it smelled.

I am not eating it. I am not even doing my round at oven watch. I am going to avoid it and I will quietly slip into JD's private apartment [daddy's closet- JD shares- kindly so] and I am going to nap.

I have decided that 2leggeds absolutely need traditions and customs and rituals. It is how they mark the ebb and flow of their lives. I think that is true because for the most part they have a very difficult time living just IN THE MOMENT. If you live in the moment, your anxiety, fears, feelings etc, can only be for that moment. Not overwhelming at all. They exist only for that limited time and they pass. But that is not the case for 2leggeds. Their life view is one that is based on past, footed in the present but clearly beholding the future. Quite a balancing act.
Traditions and rituals are sort of safety line. Something to hang on to while navigating life.
Being human is complicated.

As a 4 legged with insight, I urge my fellow 4leggeds to steal away your human. Force them to sit down, make them rub your belly. It is great for you and it forces them to LIVE IN THE MOMENT and relax- for the moment- A win win for everyone!

Just like voting in the million dollar contest. Vote for me and all winnings go to rescue.
No ifs, no ends no butts human expression...[why they always have to bring the butt into it???]. It is my pledge.

It is my way of insuring a future for many many many dogs. See, I am beholding the future.
Very human of me, no?

So Vote, please and get everyone you know to vote, it's a win win.

Thank you,
go vote and go rub a belly!



Honeygo Beasley said...

Voted, happy high holiday!

Now fress!

silvieon4 said...

And fress I did... I never knew how much I like brisket!!!!!

silvieon4 said...

Oh yes, Happy high holidays to you.