Friday, September 25, 2009

hi momma

Quick hello to momma before I resume my morning blitz. It poured last night and outside everything is wet and yuccky, so I am doing my blitz indoors. A good blitz starts off your day on the right paw. Sort of revs up your engine. I know... 2 leggeds have no blitzing ability, or buzzing ability. I wish they did, because after a great blitz, you get mellow.

Have you noticed that all the trees are turning colors? I love sniffing the air out there. It has a different smell. Even the beach smells different.

Unfortunately, for some of us, that different smell has consequences. Allergies. Ick.
Sneezes and itchies. Momma says that falling leaves mean mold and molds are the enemies. Do you get itchy or sneezy??

I hope neither.

If you do, you are NOT alone. Later today I will post some good advice on handling seasonal allergies.

For now, go vote, I will do the same


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