Wednesday, September 16, 2009

who is SHE saving it for???

It has been a confusing morning. I just finished my breakfast, but I am sitting here feeling as if I was cheated. Let me take you through the chain of events that transpired. You tell me how I should feel.

Got up as usual, got my morning kisses from JD and Wendy and managed to get my morning loving from momma even before she was fully dressed. Went downstairs and waited for my breakfast. Nothing unusual there. Meandered downstairs listening to the cappuccino foam being steamed and anticipated my usual peak of foam. Just as I got to the kitchen I saw momma opening the refrigerator and take stuff out for our breakfast. But she got distracted when JD rang the bells on the patio doors to go out and momma left the refrigerator door open.
Well, I was not snooping, but I could not help looking in. And low and behold this is what I saw:

Oh oh oh! I got so excited. "PET" that is me! Whipping cream! I love whipping cream. It is like cappuccino foam on steroids! My mouth started watering immediately. Finally whipping cream for me! I have gotten one or two licks off of some one's plate, but this said PET! Clearly it is going to be more that a lick or two!!!!

By the time the refrigerator door swung closed on its own I was drooling and quivering in anticipation. I even told Wendy and JD to hurry up and come back in because breakfast was going to be special.

And this is where things just wet awry. We got a nice breakfast which I ate with some reluctance...., but NO whipping cream. Maybe it is dessert???? Breakfast dessert?

I managed to wedge myself between momma and the fridge door when she was putting away stuff, a little later, and I even managed express my interest in the PET cream to momma. But she just laughed. [She can be soooo sourcastic]

She made some vague, obscure comment about daddy and Pet condensed milk and dog pantry in Ohio. ???? Beats me. Ohio was way before I was even born. Then she laughed. Cold hearted woman. Her last words on the topic were: "Things are not always as they seem."

Whatever. When do we get our Pet cream???? We are pets! It says PET. I am not leaving the kitchen. UNLESS... is momma saving that for another pet? Is she pulling a Jon Gosselin??? Does she have a pet on the side of her pets?????

Is whipping cream for closers only??? Mhh This million dollar contest is really impacting my life.
Vote please, I want to be a closer and get some cream!!!

I am soooooo confused.
creamless in Chesapeake


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