Thursday, September 24, 2009

MY end of an interview....

Yes you can ask your 15 questions.

1. Yes I was born princess. I am Bichon you know.
2. No I do not sleep wearing my crown. My sheet count tells you I am princess. Crown is unnecessary.
3. I do too respect my 2 leggeds. Good staff is very hard to find.
4. I can separate the human from his job! I do like my vet. Dr Klemm is great- I just hate what he does...
5. No, the guy in the brown outfit has no business ever ringing our doorbell.
6. Ok that is a silly question. One can NEVER have too many belly rubs.
7. Of course that is what laps are for! Can you name another valid purpose?
8. No, I am past that point. Cameras are not intrusive, just inconvenient. Thankfully I was blessed with great looks and I don't have to worry about my mascara running. Just a quick fluff and I good to go.
9. Pressure? No, it is more like frustration. I know what needs to be done and I want to do it, I get frustrated when my trust in the universe appears misplaced.
I guess I believe so much in the righteousness of my cause that I cannot see it unfulfilled.
10. what do you you want is my cause? DO YOU READ my blog???? RESCUE is MY cause!
11. JD and Wendy jealous?? Why would they ever be jealous? The get the same amount of chewies I get. Oh no... when it comes to the attention, trust me on this, both JD and Wendy get their fair share. Do you ever read my blog??? We are all in this together!
12. Of course I get tired! But you know what? I get to nap. I love naps. specially when I get to nap on momma and I get my belly rubbed as I fall asleep. Do you love naps?
13. My wish? Oh easy... No more puppy mills. Ever 4 legged happily placed in his or hers forever home. A universe where kindness is not a theory but a practice.
14. Odd question. Why would I wish for different parents? You mean my 2leggeds? Again why would I wish for a different family? You really need to read my blog more.
Who is this Donald Trump person you keep talking about???? If you keep on this this you are going to have momma in tears, so stop it.
15. Yes, I do know how much a million is. It is way more than 7 And 7 is a lot!!!!

You are welcome.
Hey.... you need to vote!

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