Sunday, September 27, 2009

From USA today....

"USA Today

  • A judge in Salem, N.J. ordered a former couple to share custody of Dexter, a Pug, after the pair paid lawyers a $40,000 to settle the dispute. Court Judge John Tomasello said Dexter must spend equal time with Doreen Houseman and Eric Dare. Previously, courts found that a dog or a cat was not a child, but rather a piece of property like a table or a lamp that would be divided in divorce. The latest ruling that could change the animals-as-property notion."

My own 2 cents:"Can we all just get along???"

PS. Dex, you could work this on both ends and come out ahead.... know what I mean????
And momma handled a dog custody case.... 14 yrs ago! Hi Champagne!!!!

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