Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bone Buffet/Bone Yard part II

My upstairs bone buffet

Randy Travis - Digging up Bones

Found at bee mp3 search engine

My downstairs bone buffet.

Do you see a yard anywhere??????

I so appreciate you comments and input on this issue. And, I am sad that I am not alone in this bone and chewie dilemma.

So. while Randy Travis puts me in the mood, let's address your comments....

Chloe, those are my bone dishes. Heart shaped.... No liquids will ever go in them because momma does not trust them not to leach. [Big sore subject about things made in a place where food grade means nothing] Even though they are pink, JD uses them.... Oh they are really mine because on the bottom they say Princess and that is~~~~~> ME!

Dude, yes it is true, I have buried one or two of my treasured bones under daddy while he was asleep. But, that should make him feel honored! That is a major exercise of trust. Do you think I would bury anything I value under someone I did not trust completely? I am still unsure as to why daddy did not see it my way. Momma said I made daddy feel used and objectified. Ha. I think it upset him that JD barked him awake to steal MY bone!!!! But he should feel flattered I trust him completely with my treasures. Oh yea, he really got upset when I buried the softened up chewie that was all wet. Go figure...

Rocky, I feel for you. I hate it when Mrs Lysol [aka momma] decides to go on one of her binges. Everything gets washed and everything loses that smell that makes it special and familiar. Why do they do that anyway? You know, when we had invaders [ants] momma put my bone buffet on top of a boot tray and then she poured a tiny bit of water in it. We called it the moat. It worked as long as we kept the bones in the dish. Have your momma try that.

As to why momma is targeting my bone buffet. I am not really sure. We do keep it out of the way under the coffee table... Maybe it is a decorating issue. Maybe Vern Yip can help.
Vern, where should the bone buffet be kept??? Next to the water dish? Is there a decorating protocol for that?

Sigh. working on my poster for upcoming events today. Got to work hard to get enough votes to at least win one week! I am so behind the eight ball! How to I up my cuteness factor? How do I motivate you to VOTE?

a Bichon's work is NEVER done!


The Dude said...


Hey Vie,

My pal Freddie (you remember him, he's the guy who had the 7 eye surgeries while at White Dog Cottage)tells me his mom and dad are voting for you like mad! But he knows they can't do it alone!
We need more good-hearted, bichon-loving folks to vote for you!
Where do we find them?

BTW, a new guy is coming to White Dog Cottage, he might even have to stay forever. His name is Dexter and he's 12 years old. He has to have bladderstone surgery and a dental and heart medication. But they tell me he is a really fun guy. "Cute", too, they say.

My mom (your Auntie Robin) says that it's time for another Bake Sale. I say VOTE FOR SILVIE!
If you want to can bake and vote, too! Right?

Come over and play Vie! We have two new guys here: Layla and Will.
They run and play ALL DAY! Wears me out but that's another story.

Signing out,
The Dude
White Dog Cottage
Suffolk, VA

silvieon4 said...

Dude, I know about this voting thing. Is not that complicated to register and vote right?

Sniff, I know about Freddie. He was before me... momma still has a soft spot [on her head I think] for Freddie. She said she baked like crazy for Freddy in memory of Kody, also before me.

We are gonna need more $$ for Dexter, Oh boy. Think a facial would up my cuteness factor???