Monday, February 22, 2010

Introducing Charlie

As you know, I have recently been a guest at the Hotel Monaco in Alexandria, VA. Aside from my obvious love for OLD TOWN, the best location in the nation for 4 leggeds [did you say doggy bakery, spa, shops, tours.... etc etc ???] I now have another reason to love, love Alexandria.

The Hotel Monaco. As far as I am concerned, this is the best staffed hotel I know of. Charlie Bunga Gillett, Director of guest relations is evidence of that. Genius. The Kimpton chain has met my needs.
I read this and I squinted. You know... I am a skeptic. BUT truly it is accurate!

"Located in the heart of historic Old Town Alexandria, Hotel Monaco sets the standard for pet-friendly hotels. Our renowned Doggie Happy Hour draws locals and visitors alike. And with the amenities and services expected of a pet-friendly Kimpton Hotel and the nearby Washington DC parks and trails just begging for attention, there is no reason to leave your favorite friend at home.We accept any number of pets without size or weight restrictions and for no extra charge."

Ok, enough about that, let's focus on Charlie. Swoon. This is one handsome, 3 year old Bichon with all the Bichonesse and Bichontitude you would expect from a young, brash, successful working 4legged.

So, I am smittened. Stop it JD. Mocking me is soooo immature!
Anyway, I have some posts about Charlie and our meeting. I hope you enjoy them. And to all Bichons outs there, THIS IS WHERE YOU WANT TO GO ON VACATION!

Oh, I forgot. I also like Charlie's momma. She is very nice!

'vie who wishes she was in Old Town today!


Mommy, I'm Home said...

Oh my, 'vie, Charlie is very handsome! Does he have a girlfriend? You could totally be his girlfriend -- and if you don't want him, Chica will take him.

silvieon4 said...

I see. Chica, planning on visit? :) I am hoping to see Charlie again in March. Can't rush these things...