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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Life goes on

Well, Redbutt is off to rehab. He opted for momma's closet where he will have time to meditate, think and detox, obviously. Momma gave him his own sh0e box [easier clean up you know]. He will be allowed some visitors eventually. Meanwhile we live with his commercials interrupting our TV viewing. A constant, painful reminder... Redbutt is not alone in the back of the closet. He has the 1980 Olympic Teddy Bear [OTB] with him in there. We don't really know the whole story about OTB but roomers are abound... Something about politics and Russia and canceled Olympic participation... All we really know is that he is a recluse and lives in momma's back of the closet and his is a life of bitter irony and heroism... But it was way before my time and I am not privy to details. I do know that, momma says that if anyone can get through to Redbutt, it is OTB and apparently OTB needs to be busy and needed right now, so this should work. Here is hoping.I had to have a long talk with all my other stuffies. You know how it goes. A mix of pep talk and scared straight talk. Today I feel a little bit better. We threw away Redbutt's stash of liquor and purged his address book off the puter. So... we are hoping to move on. I have to tell you I was very worried about where Redbutt was going for rehab. Last thing I needed him to do was to hook up with Tiger and pick up a new bad habit... And I just did not think Dr Drew's place was ideal for him. Moving on....

The Olympics. Apolo Anton Ohno. Swoon. Anyone else think he looks cuddly cute???



Mommy, I'm Home said...

Oh, 'vie, so glad Redbutt is getting help for his little problem....

silvieon4 said...

Me too, can't wait until he is well enough for me to shake his red butt!

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