Monday, February 15, 2010

Redbutt, conduct unbecoming!

Redbutt, my monkey stuffy has been up to no good. No good on a grand scale. He has engaged in conduct unbecoming to a stuffy. See for yourself:

I have spend days and days looking for him.
While I was worrying myself into a frazzle looking for him... Redbutt was out cavorting with his "pals".

I am hurt, Redbutt. I gave you love, attention and made you one of my special toys. Turn around. Really. You owe me that much. You owe me an explanation for your behavior.

Hiding will not spare you and will not erase your shame.

Turn around!
Better. You hurt me. You did not trust me.
I showed you love, affection and gave you a sense of belonging. I gave you the best years of my puppyhood. Obviously that was not enough for you... You ran off at the first opportunity and filmed commercials without me. I hope it was all worth it to you, because I will never trust another monkey stuffy.

I was mortified when I saw the commercials. Look at me, do you think I am not worthy of loyalty?

Alas, that' all water under the bridge now. But. Stand up. You need to pay attention because I do have one final question for you.

Listen. And I do want an answer.

Where are the royalties? What did you do with the money from the commercials???????? Gone? You are broke??? It figures. And now you want to come back. Mhh Well I have to think about it. I have not recovered from the shock of seeing you with your new "pals". And by the way... I don't like you now. 'vie

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Mommy, I'm Home said...

Forgiveness, 'vie. Forgiveness...