Monday, February 1, 2010

GRAMMentary... BA-nanas and brussel sprouts- AGAIN

In the past I have channeled Rachel Z and done my fashion review.

Today, I am going to ask Rachel Z to take the day off. Go eat a pie. I promise you it will get you mega press coverage. Do it. I will cover the Grammy fashions for you and award the BA-nanas and the brussel sprouts.

Here we go:
Lady Gaga. I am taking exception to all those who actually reviewed what you wore as F A S H I O N. You wore a prop. A designer designed prop, but a prop. Cool,very sci-fi and totally designed for you to steal the show. Mission accomplished. BTW- Ick on the hoof like shoes. Really UUUUGLYYYY. But you don't get the BA-nanas. Those are for true fashion. Was the whole thing itchy? It looked itchy.

On the same topic, the following people tried too hard and missed the mark.
Tip: you cannot out Gaga -Gaga. Get it? Get your own schtick.
So, none of you count either: Nadeea, Ciara, Sun Ho, Imogen Heap. Ms HEAP wore a parasol and a broken cone collar around her neck. Wonder what she was chewing off that they put a safety collar on her...

The Brussel Sprouts go to:
Jennifer Lopez
: What happened? Scarlett put Grannie's lacy curtain back where it belongs!
Brittany!: For so many obvious reasons. Less is more applies to jewelry not actual fabric.
Heidi Klum: Boooooorinnnnng. Sooooo blahhh, not put together, more like thrown on. Maybe this new mommy is tired?
Miley: Time to invest in a personal shopper. We can no longer forgive transgressions of youth.
Fergie: KILL it , it's slithering all over the place.
Ke$ha: you have proven that not all that glitters is gold. A bit tarnished? Too too..too.
Snookie: Hot purple mess in booties. Horizontal lines are NOT your friend. Size up!
Beyonce: hated the geo-couch inspired overly worked dress.
Travis Barker: You did not even TRY. PS you are the only male mentioned in this fashion grammentary.

The BA-nanas! In no particular order....
Lea Michele
, Katy Perry, Jennie Garth, Colbie Caillat, Keri Hilson, Jennifer Hudson, Pink, Hillary Scott and Toni Braxton.

If I did not mention you, it's because... you simply did not bleep on my radar. Sad. Mrs. Urban...
you did not even bleep.

Taking a deep breath, I love my white curls. Always fashionable and always appropriate.

Ciao Rachel Z


bichonpawz said...

THIS is FABULOUS!!! Oh so fabulous!!! Didn't know that you too enjoyed the awards shows!!! We LOVE them!!! We get to sit cuddled up and get belly rubs all night LONG!!! And you did such a good review!!! Heaven, I tell you!!

silvieon4 said...

Well thank you, I love all fashions and Rachel Zoe is one of my fav stylists. But occasionally I just want to take over...