Sunday, February 7, 2010

Finally! Going shopping

Cabin fever can kill you. I know. I almost died from cabin fever.

Between the snow and the cold and the ice and the wet, and the broken momma and more snow, and more ice and more wet... It feels like we have been cooped up for a life in being plus 21 years [homage to the rule against perpetuities here... hang around lawyers, see what you can learn?- No I have no idea what it really means, but they use it all the time around here when they want to convey a long time...]

In any case, it was great to get out. It was even greater to be seen out and it was the greatest to get some more treats and go for a short walk.

Look, I am an urban 4legged. I need to smell a store, I need to see and be seen. I mean...we have been in the house for so long, we almost missed the spring collections!

And, before you judge me, think hard. Think about the reality of my life. I am completely dependent on my 2 leggeds to go places.

Really, I need my own driver. I need my own credit card.

I have needs which don't always get met.


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Mommy, I'm Home said...

I just showed Chica's papa that photo and he mumbled something about never being caught dead pushing her around in a shopping cart. Little does he know...

silvieon4 said...

He could not push her around in a cart if he was dead. :) My uncle Phil "borrows" us, [he is single] because NOTHING attracts women more than a man with Bichons...
And I mean NOTHING. I am just quoting here: "Boardwalk chicks just spill out of their bathing suits to pet a Bichon". Momma calls him a sexist pig, but reality is... we do attract attention. Loads of it. Chica's papa just needs to re evaluate his position. On the other hand... maybe it's best he has not discovered the power of Bichons. And by the way, we see lots of daddys pushing carts at Care-A-Lot.