Sunday, February 7, 2010


Irish soda bread and fake bacon? Why? Wait. Beef bacon? Ok. But why? I volunteer to taste it. Smells ok. It sort of tastes ok. But it is not BACON. It is "baconated" beef.

Selfish people. All I get is a taste?

Of course you are NOT giving me that bread! And I have no death wish... currants are like raisins...keep it. Sniff.

What ever happened to good old ham and eggs? Or how about a nice potato galette?

Times like these, I miss Dowi. She needs to come home so you can get a refresher course in what a breakfast is meant to be.

Fat free turkey and fat free cheese DO NOT a breakfast make. And Soda bread... should be part of a breakfast NOT the breakfast. Whatever, like jam is going to make it eatable...not to me anyway.

I am just saying...
I miss the smells.

On the upside, the sun is out and the crunchy grass is hard and cold.

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Unknown said...

Mmmmm... Chica would be happy to come share in that bacon feast! She doesn't care if it is the beef kind.

Honeygo Beasley said...

Wait, I'll get my bowl - oh, it's past lunch time. Any leftovers????

- Chloe

PS My mom just made biscotti with all organic stuff and flaxseed - imagine!

silvieon4 said...

Chica and Chloe, lots of leftovers, we just have to talk them into giving it up. Momma is all for the biscotti! Ever have savory biscotti with your salad? I love those, specially when they get dipped in lemon dressing. What? I also like cukes and carrots. They are yummy.