Friday, February 5, 2010


Taking my turn at mommasitting. You know, that's what we call it. Not an easy job. If she tries to do something she is not supposed to, you have to let daddy know. She is suppose to sit quietly and nothing about her is quiet. And there is that whole issue with her and itching stitches etc.

Bottom line is, this is not a fun job. At best it is boring, but I take great consolation comes from knowing that it is raining outside. So, really, this mommasitting is at least interesting. How often do you get to squeal on momma?

Oh yes, then there is that whole new camera thingie. She has one. She wants to play with it, but she has not managed to read up enough to actually make use of it. Anyway that's what we are going with, otherwise, the captive will turn into a captor and vice versa and nobody feels like being hunted... At least not for a while. Or not until she looks more pitiful and we grown more bored and or desperate.

Anyway... blue stitches, again. Boring.

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Mommy, I'm Home said...

Glad she has you to watch over her, 'vie...