Thursday, February 4, 2010

Watching daddy make breakfast

Daddy is making breakfast. Someone needs to watch, just to make sure things are done right. We elected the Wendy to be the watcher. JD and I chose to stay in bed a little longer. Besides, I watched last night when dinner was being made.

We try to divide up the labor around here. It is one of the luxuries of being one of 3 4 leggeds. As you know 2leggeds are needy and busy. I can't even imagine how difficult it would be to be an only 4legged. You would have to be all things to all people, ALL THE TIME. I am tired just thinking about that. I mean where would ME time fit in?

Chloe, Chica, Rocky... how do you do it?

Taking the morning off


Unknown said...

I asked Chica what her secret is and she grumbled something about never being able to sit down in one place for very long. She did point out that she has decided to only focus on one person (that would be me), so it's slightly easier than if she had to follow around all the 2 leggeds in the house. But then, of course, one of the other 2 leggeds do something like open the fridge and she's torn between watching me and going to see what's coming out of the fridge. Then she sighed...

rocky-dog said...

Frankly this is why I try to catch some zzz's whenever possible. It's bad enough with mama continuously overbooking herself, but I AM responsible for all the 2 leggeds here at work too. Plus all of the visitors who come see mama and the costumes. And now mama has a bunch of ladies coming over in the evening for something called a costume fitting. I remember this from last year, lots of stuff all over the house, one of mama's sewing machines starts living in the living room and there are all kinds of feathers and glittery things to have to be careful of. On the other hand I DO get lots of extra belly rubs and ear scratching and every now and then a extra treat.


Mommy, I'm Home said...

Hey, 'vie, just checking in to see how your mama is doing? Wasn't she having some surgery today?

dori said...

Silvieon4 is busy taking care of Silvieon2, so I'll answer this one on her behalf. Silvieon2 is doing great. Everything went well. She is resting and enjoying her drugs (which she completely refuses to share).

Thank you for checking in, I know that both Silvies appreciate your concern.


P.S. Guess which one tried to call me using the remote control!