Sunday, February 21, 2010

Update on CinnaBUN: FOUND!!!!

CinnaBUN IS HOME!!!!

"A few days ago, James received a phone call from a woman who saw the picture of their missing dog on a flyer. The woman brought the dog to James’ Long Beach shop shortly after. The missing dog the woman found was in fact, Cinnabun. Everyone began crying, according to TMZ reports."

Please note one thing: If your 4legged is missing FLYERS do work!!! BUT you must make them and distribute them as soon as possible to the widest audience you can. AND DO TAG your 4legged! SOOOO , always have a great recent picture and a great description of your best friend on hand.

Posing, cause I need a recent picture... hahahahhaaa

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bichonpawz said...

YES!! We saw this on the TV...SOOOO happy that CinnaBun is home with his family!!! YAY!! Good idea to have a chip put in or put the information out in any way we can....twitter or facebook or blog or flyer or....however we can!! Great Job Reporter 'vie!!