Saturday, February 20, 2010


Good morning! It's Saturday and I am working on a post about my latest adventure. BUT not yet, not a peep out of me. [Hi Charlie! xoxoxox] In any case, look at the pretty throw I found.
Ok, I did not just find it. Let's face it, I saw it, stalked it and ultimately got to experience it.

The camera ... that evidence maker, caught my self satisfied smile. Oh well, momma caught me. I gave her my best get out of jail smile.

Momma does not sound like momma. The last few days, momma sounds like a mean gravely voiced man. I sniffed her- it is still her. She looks like herself, sort of- Her nose is very red.
It is her. BUT her voice is not right. And she barks funny. Oh, JD says it is a cough, not a bark. OK, sounds like a bark to me. In any case, I am hoping that she turns into herself soon. She is odd right now.

Well, back to working on my Charlie.... post.


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Mommy, I'm Home said...

Missed you yesterday, 'vie. Hope your mama gets well soon and that you have fun on your adventure!