Friday, October 5, 2012


Can you feel the excitement? We can.  We are seeing the boxes. Smelling the baked stuff and watching the momma buzz around. And then there is all that talk about schedule, tables, etc.

IT IS THAT time of the year!  You know which time... Time for the biggest, bestest [I just invented this word] party open to four leggeds.  WE take over  the whole park!!!  It becomes OUR domain! WE OWN IT!!!

Yes it is the place to see and be seen.  It is the red carpet event of the year for four leggeds!

I am so ready... I have been fluffing my tail and moisturizing and flossing and even exercising. I know I will be seeing many of my classmates from White Dog Cottage. I told momma, we need that buggy spit [EWW  Hoomans and their idioms...] polished and decked out, and I want my new harness all decorated.

Get this... they are going to be selling the TBFR calenders... and guess guess... who is in it???  Smirking my face... ME!!!  You just have to wait and see... yea, all of us posed. We are so proud of it. Wanna a piece of me?  Buy a calendar. That money helps White Dog Cottage keep the doors open and continue the rescue mission. IF NOT BUT FOR  Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue... I can't even begin to ponder where I would be right now... or if... I would still be... And that's the hard core reality. Shudder.  I need to move off that topic, it gives me a migraine and wrinkles.

So, will I see you there?
Jaxx.... Sammy....Guys???


Bark in the Park

Contact: Chesapeake Humane, 757-546-5355Email:
Address: Chesapeake City Park, 900 Greenbrier Parkway, Chesapeake, VA 23320
Bark in the Park - graphic logoBark in the Park - graphic logo

October 7, 2012
12 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Bring your canine out to City Park for a dog-gone good time. The event features vendors, animal rescues, games, contests, demonstrations, great food and more! This event is a great resource for pet owners and an awesome time for the entire family.
Presented by Chesapeake Parks and Recreation and Chesapeake Humane Society. Event is FREE to the public.pug in a frog costume - photo

Event Details

Event Flyer 

5k Doggy Dash Registration Form


2011 Event Photos

 silvieon4: 14th Annual Bark in the Park Dog Walk & Fun Fest ...
Oct 02, 2011
Mark your calendars for Chesapeake Humane Society's 14th Annual Bark in the Park Dog Walk & Fun Fest! Put on your walking shoes and join us for a fun-packed day to raise money for our animals. This event allows ...
Oct 03, 2011
Bark in the Park Pictures. We thank our friends MS Eleanora MCClenney and Mr Bob Jones for contributing the pictures taken at Bark in the Park. Someone... left her camera on the desk... someone who shall go "nameless".

Oct 24, 2010
BARK IN THE PARK. NO RAIN, NO MUD, NO PAIN, NO BUGS A perfect VA day with mild temps and sunshine! Here is what will be going on: "Bark in the Park will be jam-packed with things for you and your canine to do and ...
Oct 04, 2010
I was aware that there would be no baked good from momma at Bark in the Park, and while that is strange... I adjusted my expectation. I figured I would get more buggy time with daddy, and more table time with Auntie Robin.
Oct 20, 2010
Bark in the Park Reminder. Biscotti for two leggeds at BARK IN THE PARK on Oct 24Th. Plan on it! There is going to be some great stuff for sale for two and for four leggeds this year. Can't go into specifics, but seriously hard to ...
Aug 21, 2008
So your 2legged tells you that he/she loves you. Do they mean it? Hmmm. I really knew momma loved me when she took me to Bark in Park. This is a giant event all about me... the 4 legged. My foods, my toys, my flags, my ...
Oct 03, 2009
Maybe it is this contest, maybe it is Bark In the Park, I just don't know. In any case, Dowi..... NEVERMIND. [Another Emily Latella moment- we miss you Gilda] Ohh. I miss momma today. there is so much traffic in my kitchen.
Oct 04, 2009
Bark in the park 09... Phew! Fun, busy, and our volunteers made it special. Remember I mentioned Bella? Our youngest volunteer, well here she is! And she is pooped because that fudge and those brownies did not bake ...
Oct 04, 2008
Goo Goooooooood Morning America! One more day before Bark in the Park!!!! Yeeeeea! I am so ready. And... I delivered on my promises to ya'll. In fact I had to strike deals, haggle, compromise and make promises I cannot ...

Oct 01, 2009
Bark In The Park - Chesapeake .... Pigs, bats, angels and other inflictions · Bark in the Park 09 · A peek on the Bark in the Park and a quick THANK Y... HUNGRY???? BARK IN THE PARK-1 · Love HURTS · Sorting my bone ...
Oct 05, 2009
But when I saw him at Bark in the Park, I felt my heart skip a beat. And you know what else... even Jennifer from his office was there, in fact, his whole office crew was there! I had a split second of panic, but them momma said ...
Sep 29, 2008
BARK in the PARK countdown. So here is the deal folks. BARK In the PARK. THE premier doggy event of the year is finally happening! You know the details, I have posted them all along on this blog, but just in case you ...
Oct 05, 2008
Being forced to wear a "pig suit" to participate in the Bark in the Park costume contest. Ha ha. Funny. NOOOOT My momma dressed JD, Wendy and I as the 3 little pigs and she wore her wolf face mask. Kudos to JD. :) He kept ...
Oct 03, 2011
She actually took us to Bark in the Park! She can't put Blue Buggy in her car, it does not fit!!! and honestly, you got to meet lots of people and get lots of belly rubs and you met lots of doggies, so what's the big deal? If you don't ...
Oct 01, 2009
Silvie -- I really wish I could come to your Bark in the Park, but mama says that it's too far away. She showed me on the map where we live and where you live and where Bark in the Park is going to be. It doesn't look THAT far ...

Oct 04, 2009
Bark in the Park - Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue .... Cheeeeese Danishes.... Auntie Lisa.. back away from the screen- NO licking!! [Momma tells me that all the time! feels good to tell someone else.] See what got baked this ...

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