Thursday, October 1, 2009


Working on my campaign stuff for
BARK in the PARK.

Since we are broke and sans a million bucks, so far, we will be selling the following human goodies:

Biscotti: both pumpkin and lemon cranberry-
cheese danishes [momma will make them fresh]
Cinnamon raisin bagels
[she had to have organic raisin.... pftttt]
Pizza bagels

I am working on her parting with some of her jams... but you know how possessive the woman is, even though she can't eat the stuff!

Those of you who have tasted her goodies... GET THERE EARLY 'cause it is all first come first serve and some "addicts" try to buy us out.

To my peeps: I got you covered, auntie Robin has been slaving on our liver lips, etc etc... bring your human and tell them to stock up!

Too Pooped to Pucker


rocky-dog said...

Silvie -- I really wish I could come to your Bark in the Park, but mama says that it's too far away. She showed me on the map where we live and where you live and where Bark in the Park is going to be. It doesn't look THAT far away, but mama said that it would be a really, really long walkie to get there. I guess I don't understand how it could be that far -- it really looks like a short walk for me -- I mean I stood on the map thing and my back paws were where we live and my nose was where you live -- how long a walkie is that???

Going to really miss your Bark in the Park -- R

silvieon4 said...

It is a long walkie..... your pawsies would be worn out and all pink. I wish you could come too.
But if you send me your address I will ship you some liver lips.... they are to die for.