Tuesday, October 13, 2009

InveSTIGAting Teddygate

Have you seen TEDDY BLUE??? He is blue, fuzzy, left ear is wet and chewed up, a little...smells
delicious, like me. Has a faint squeak if you bite his belly. I left him on the bed when I went down to breakfast... now he is gone.

If you see him please tell me.

I am broadening my suspect list. Maybe Mr. Kaboing was jealous. Mhhh. Nahh Kaboing was asleep. Besides the only one with a history of toy snatching is momma.

Daddy.... no, at work. Blue went missing after daddy left.

JD... no, he is too busy glaring at the Verizon people who are destroying the front yard.

Wendy... where is Miss Patoush??? Ahh... of course. Under the table. No, she does not do toys.

Back to momma. Suspect number 1.

Well, I am patient, I am following her. I am the shadow to her shadow... sooner or later she will slip up...

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