Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's not Easy being BICHON

Did you ever...

wait until your two legged was asleep and then licked his earlobe ? What a great funny face when they realize it was you!!!!

pretend to not hear them when they yelled STOP STOP STOP?

put nose prints on the clean windows, just 'cause it makes them crazy?

de-pillow the couch and act like you did them a favor?

re-arrange their bedding so you could take a decent nap?

wipe your face or tush on their best rug?

chew the cord to their nuvi, just 'cause you were bored?

help yourself to their drink?

time your lick just so you hit their open mouth?

bury your chewies under the cushions and inside their shoes?

refuse to even taste that expensive dog food that is HEALTHY?

bolt out the door at the mere mention of the word "ride"?

bark at the guy in brown just because he is there?

desqueak a toy just to show them you could?

make it rain toys from the balcony and watch as they tried to come down the stairs on a carpet of "stuffies"?

bury your chewie under your sleeping human because it is a good safe place? FORT DADDY!!!!

ever lose your ice cube under a pillow, only to find a wet spot ??? {I don't have a clue where the ice went}

watch your human freak as your newly captured frog is now inside the house hopping mad?

find yourself de-tagging things that "apparently" need to have the tag for laundry purposes?

ever find yourself inside a basket of warm laundry, relaxing, only to be rudely taken out and told NO NO NO?

ever cleverly climb on to the chair, on to counter to reach a plate only to have a human snatch it away with that old refrain NO NO NO?

hide something in the curtain, and watch helplessly as the squirrel cat [roomba vac] finds it and eats it?

work hard to made the TP roll spin out and then be told that it is a "NO NO NO"?

roll yourself in any of the following: duck poop, crab shells, shrimp shells, clam shells...mud, mulch, or my all time fav... jump into the chewies display at the pet store and roll roll roll until you smell like a smoked ham and have pink and brown streaks all over you. Extra bonus point if you just got groomed.

exert bath revenge, shake only when your human is close enough to get showered.

claim their closet as your private apartment?

walk in when they are in the bathroom?

test their love, devotion, loyalty and stupidity by barking at a bigger dog and hiding behind them?

fall asleep in their arms and expect them to hold you, carry you , and just be in awe of your cuteness for 8 blocks????

hmmm I am sure there is much more. Feel free to add. Being Bichon is NOT easy



Honeygo Beasley said...

Be so cute you can barely go anywhere without being adored!

bichonpawz said...

Wow! Just Wow! EVERY single one of these....Chloe does! Every ONE!!! Amazing. But I wouldn't want to live one day without it. Happy Halloween! XO

silvieon4 said...

Oh yes, adoration is the price of cuteness. And Chloe you MUST be 1000% Bichon!!!!