Saturday, October 3, 2009


Thank you Rocky for setting me straight. I guess, my insecurities are showing like a cheap slip.
Maybe it is this contest, maybe it is Bark In the Park, I just don't know.
In any case, Dowi..... NEVERMIND.

[Another Emily Latella moment- we miss you Gilda]

Ohh. I miss momma today. there is so much traffic in my kitchen... She is busy busy busy....and she has flour on her face! Challah baking, bagels- both pizza and cinnamon- biscotti, lemon cranberry and pumpkin, dippedy goos...cheese danish brioche is being mixed for baking in the early morning.... And that's not all!

Miss Bella our youngest Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue volunteer has been making Fudge!!!!
She is ten years old and she is pretty, very smart and popular and a great cook! And I love her.

By the way I asked our oldest volunteer how old she is and she said she is "mumble mumble" years old.... How old is that anyway?

I know certain people who cannot resist fudge... I just love the name FFFFFUUUDGE. To those people.... the early human gets the FUDGE!

This is what baking central looks like~>

And did I mention the granola bars?

And did I mention the smells??? This place is a cacophony of smells. [you are getting a 40 dollar word for free, enjoy it. It is my word of the day!]

So, IF a pepperoni slice falls off your pizza bagel.... can I have it?

Vote and come see me tomorrow!!


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