Thursday, October 8, 2009

Just asking....

For your vote... I am not nagging. I am however worried about running out of time. Please VOTE UP. Please...pretty please with chewies on top and kisses on the bottom? [Do I know how to beg or what???]

Momma is making something called GUMBO. Sounds huge, no? GGGGUUUUMMMMBOOO . Smells a lot like chicken, sausage and stuff. Wendy says she is willing to try it. Ha. Hardly an endorsement. The chicken fresser would eat me if I smelled like chicken. Nuff said.

I am going upstairs. That momma is playing weird music. Zydeco she called it. "Zy hurt my ears" that is what I call it!

love you


rocky-dog said...

Silvie -- get your little white butt back down to where your mama is cooking -- Gumbo is DELISH! it's a cajun food from Neworlns (sumthing like that I think). Theres sausage bits and spicy fun tasting things. It's sort of a cajun chiopino. Mama makes it sometimes with shrimp dumplings --- oh white dog heavan!

mama and me are trying to vote -- that stupid site makes mama wait all the time. humphht!

Rocky dog

rocky-dog said...

phew -- it takes 3 hours to do, but we got all our votes in for today! Rocky-dog

Hey have you had any of the gumbo yet???

silvieon4 said...

Thank you for voting! That gumbo thing is delicious. I love the sausage. Momma made that a couple of week ago and we all lusted after it. Nothing smells as good as freshly ground pork with spices. Pardon moi...I just got corrected Chaurise not sausage. Rolling my eyes. Spicy sausage. Does that Zy music have to go with it????