Thursday, October 15, 2009

Retention bonus...

I was just thinking.... Fiscal 2010 is starting. Momma can I get I a retention bonus????
It is not as if I don't have other options... [Hi Dowi!!!] And look, everyone is doing it...

We all realize that I am not easily replaced. While it is true that are many many 4leggeds out there, what you have here is extraordinary, if I say so myself. The blog would go with me. Obviously. And the licensing cost for another Dragon Naturally Barking far exceeds my retention bonus. And don't underestimate the loss of morale that my departure would generate. In truth, it might start a mass exodus. And nobody wants that! What would you do all alone?

I know you need to think about this. Hey I am NOT rushing you. Take your time.
2-3 even 5 minutes. ALL I am asking for is the proper consideration.

In light of our present relationship, my extraordinary "gifts" and the cuteness factor I bring, vs
what you would encounter out there, the risk factors, costs etc., ie to train a computer illiterate 4 legged, I can't see you turning down the retention bonus option. It is way cheaper. Say... 15 chewies? That would buy you piece for mind for the year! It is a win win for both of us.
I have included 2 pictures above to refresh your recollection. And if further convincing is needed, please feel free to gurgle me- I know it's google. I like gurgle better!

Vote for me- show this woman I am CUTE!


Cindy said...

Oh, my gawd - 'vie is sooooo adorable! I can't stand it.

(PS I got a funny word verification word - "shlockes!" LOL!)

Yes, 'vie, you deserve that bonus.

silvieon4 said...

Yes I know those guys. The Shlockes- they work for Verizon? They destroyed my yard??? Those Shlockes?
LOL. So far momma said she will have her lawyers call my lawyers... the thrill of negotiations...

bichonpawz said...

I absolutely, positively deserve that bonus!!! And these pics are SOOOOOOO cute....super cute!!! So cute, in fact, that I have "borrowed" one for my background! 'vie is one model bichon frise!!!

bichonpawz said...

Seriously sooooo cute!!! I love, love, love the pics of you 'vie!!! I tried to leave a comment and it seems to have I apologize if this is a duplicate! Love the pic so much it is now my background! YOU deserve that bonus!!