Tuesday, October 13, 2009

TEDDY BLUE is missing


Sooooooo, you were thinking you would get away with it? Really! You so underestimate me. What was the plan? Steal Teddy Blue, hide it, keep it all to yourself?

I have looked for it, high and low. It is not anywhere. I have been watching Lightman. Get down to my level, I need to see your pupils while I question you. I have learned to tell when someone is lying to me. What have you done with Teddy Blue??? Spill it.

Did you decide to torture him in the wet spinning machine? Are you sweating him in the hot air spinning machine? Talk woman... I am losing my patience. I know you. First you wet him, then you remove all his smell, then you return him to the toy box. But he is not the same. You have stolen his essence. His soul. His identity. What you leave in his place is a ... look alike that has nothing left of our shared past. Not this time. I want Teddy Blue as I left him in the bed. Fuzzy, deliciously smelly and soggy eared. Now give him back!

Maybe you want to play hard ball. Fine. You return Teddy Blue untouched, I will tell you where the cover for your precious remote is... until then I will not stop following you.

Lie to ME if you DARE
PS vote. What??? No giving up is NOT in MY dictionary.
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