Thursday, October 29, 2009

Neiman Marcus - NM - Christmas Book

Dear Mr Neiman and Mr Marcus, or is that just one person???

Are you kidding me? Look, I am just a 4 legged Bichon Frise from Virginia... so I am NOT what you would call big city sophisticated. BUT hey, for the cost of one of those, useless cupcake cars... do you have any idea how many dogs you could rescue? And if smiles is what you are after, oh well, rescue a few of us and we "guanrandamtee" [we miss you Justin Wilson] we will keep that rescuer in smiles for the rest of his overly pampered life.

I am sitting here scratching my head... Do you eat it?

I know it is a "fantasy item" but... how bored and rich do you have to be to drop 25 thou on that????

Listen... just send me the name of the first buyer you get for one of those. I just want to know that there is someone that is so pathetic in this world.

I glanced at the rest of the book. I just cannot find any redemption in the cupcake car... NONE


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