Saturday, October 3, 2009


I admit that I am a wee bit jealous. When my Dowi said she was going to San Francisco without me, I felt a twinge of something green. You never know when one of your 2leggeds falls in love with some other 4legged. It happens. I am a big girl, I know stuff like that happens. I am just not willing to let it happen to me. I keep a tight hold on my leash and keep my humans as close to me as possible. But, just the same, Dowi went. When she got back, I sniffed her. As far as I could tell, I detected no other 4 legged, but there were some strange smells there. Wine, crab, chocolate, tea, sour dough bread, chicken... weird ocean... lotion???? I don't know. It left me unsettled. So, I decided to do my own detective work. I looked at her camera. Lots and lots of shots of some big bridge. Yawn. Lots and lots of shots of hilly streets. Yawn again... Ohh some sort of big wet fish cow like creatures?

Gulp. Is this some sort of rescue she went to? There is a lot of ... ??? Cow fish???!!!! Is she going to bring home of of those things????
Is this what I am being cast aside for???? It is hairless -I think-!! IT is NOT white. It is not cute!

Somebody, please, talk to her!!!! This cannot be. She cannot replace me with some Charlie the Tuna understudy!!!!!!! I am the Silvieon4! I have a pink belly, I smell like a fresh cupcake!
But then again, some people like the smell of seaweed. I guess. FRUMPT.

Deep breath. If this is how it is going to be, I will be revising my gift list. No chewie for that girl who stole the best years of my life. No more snuggling parties. No more giving her all my kisses. Hmmm I can talk momma into a thanksgiving tuna fish sandwich for her... she can forget the big bird.

I am not bitter, I am betrayed. There is a difference. I talked to JD and Wendy- we all agree the cow fish will have to sleep in the pool. The bed is ours. Whatever it eats.. Dowi better get for it. We don't share.

Hope she has fun taking that for a walk....

Love Hurts


rocky-dog said...

Dearest Silvie, The pictures your Dowi took are of the seals and sea lions (no relation to the african lions -- trust me on this) in the San Francisco Bay Harbor area -- I bet Dowi even went out to Alcatraz (which I understand was were 2leggeds used to kennel other 2leggeds when they did bad things).

This is where the seals and sea lions actually LIVE -- they aren't in rescue or anything at all like that. I think your Dowi was just amazed at how MANY of them there are (and believe me they make lots and lots of NOISE). These guys eat RAW FISH! and they are really big and smelly. I really doubt that you Dowi would even be a little bit interested in bringing one home. Even mama (who is a woos when it comes to stray and homeless animals) has told me that the seals and sea lions are quite happy where they are. They need some salty water to be happy -- salty water makes my nose feel funny so I stay away from it.

I don't thing you need to worry Silvie, Or JD or Wendy either. Most 2 leggeds never get to see the seals and sea lions unless they come out to San Francisco so they go gaga and take lots of pictures.

And yes you probably smelled chocolate too. I bet Dowi went to the big chocolate place in San Francisco. Mama says I may not have chocolate because it's not good for me -- I think mama needs to take a look in the mirror -- it's not good for her either!.

Did your Dowi get to have any crab??? The fresh crab is the BEST -- I get a little tiny bit from mama every now and then.

MMMMM, San Francisco has really interesting smells

Your buddy on the west coast (who lives near San Francisco) -- Rocky

silvieon4 said...

Phewwww. Thank you Rocky. Ahh that would explain the jail pics! I was going to use that bit of info to deal with that girl. And yes on the chocolate and crab she has pics of those too, but, you know... we have crab here. Lots of it... when JD gets icky... Momma steams some crab legs for him. The boy is what we call "sperled" [spoiled]. I like crab cakes. Tell your momma not to be stingy, crab is great for us. I just wish I could get my momma to give me some lobster. I chased one once all over the kitchen! Such relief. Dowi is not cheating on me.
When are you going to get your momma to bring you out here?
I say you should plan a trip around one of the Barks in the Park. We don't have an Alcatraz, but we have Mount Trashmore!!!
[humans.....]And Rocky thank you for the inside track on San Francisco. Momma says she makes a mean cioppino, [sounds painful] so you would feel at home here.

rocky-dog said...

oooooo -- me and daddy-john LOVE chioppino! Mama makes daddy-john wear a towel-thingy around his neck because he makes a mess -- I only get to eat it right before a bath. Mama told me we have something out here called dungeoness crab -- I think they must make them in a dungeon or something and that's where they got their name. The best ones come around the human celebration of christmas -- that's when mama brings a tree into the house and I have to be good and not pee on it. now I ask you what's the fun in that!

But I digress, yes, chioppino and crabs and fishes all very very tasty. I think I need to get mama and daddy-john to go up to the City (that's what THEY call San Francisco) and buy me some fresh crabs.

mmmmmmm hav'to start being really good again I guess.


silvieon4 said...

Mhh We have Jimmies. They start blue. Then they turn red. You get a whole box and they try to crawl out. Here is the weird thing... they cover the table with paper, no plates, they use wooden baby hammers... no silverware, lots of lemon, bay salt and cold beer. The seaweed is the "pillow" the Jimmies sit on while they turn red. Honestly... watching humans eat those... is scary. They are uncivilized... My momma loves her with lemon. Some people dip them in butter. I like them shelled and nakid. Tell your momma crab is for medicinal purposes... ;) Momma also calls cioppino "bastard buillaibaisse". I like it.