Friday, October 30, 2009

OMG I have NO words!!!

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dori said...

Silvie! You look SO cute!

Don't be upset. It's not that bad! Just ask JD about the time I dressed him up as sushi. :)

silvieon4 said...

GRRRRRRR aM i not GOOD enough in my skin? And just for the record, I look way better dressed as Silvieon2!

rocky-dog said...

um, I guess I really can't complain about having to wear a halloween collar. . .

"vie, I'm really sorry -- any way you can get on that airplane thing that my mama sometimes goes on and high tail it out here???? I'll make mama NOT put a costume on you. I promise


Cameron (the Dude) Gray said...


Wasn't that Flower in the
movie "Bambi" a skunk?

Silvie on 4 Le Fleur....!
Has a ring to it, kid!

Who's mom and dad were too busy to make him dress up this year :)

silvieon4 said...

Dude, I should be so lucky!