Monday, October 5, 2009

Bark in the Park 09

Good morning world!

New day, new week in the competition. I broke the top 10, again. I was 7th. [out of 60 thousand + dogs?] After working my paws off at Bark in the Park and campaigning as hard as I did, I think I am reasonably hopeful that I can get enough votes to make it to the finalist round???
Prove me right, please.

Guys, I know, you have heard it before, but we are edging ever closer... so, please, come on, let's NOT run out of time because of procrastination. [Ohh that sounds like a disease, do they make an anti biotic for that??? and does that itch, burn or what????] Ahh no drug is needed. If you have that procrastination thingie, there is only one cure: VOTE and it will go away!!!

Nuff about that, just VOTE. We have a waiting list of 4leggeds who need a place to go. Yes, a waiting list. That shocked some people yesterday. The comment was made over and over... "Dogs this cute cannot possibly need to be rescued". OY OY OY if that were only true!!!

Yesterday, I got confirmation that God is a reader of this blog. Yup, Don't squint. It is true.
All the weather services predicted rain and cloudy sky. God must have read all about Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue and our efforts and our plans for Bark in the Park. :) It was NOT cloudy, NOT hot, NOT rainy. It was PERFECT! An absolutely beautiful breezy fall day.
Thank you God for your part.

To all of you who bought food, flags, charms, etc, from us THANK YOU!

We met so many nice 2 and 4 leggeds yesterday. And some of the 4leggeds were not even dogs.
I met a number of cats. Yes cats. This was a first for me. I had only met one cat before yesterday and she was not a friendly cat. But, now I know that there are friendly cats out there. Too bad momma went into a sneeze fest as soon as she got close to the cat. I know this is wrong, but I think of momma's allergies as my insurance policy. Wink wink. We all know that the woman has a weak spot for anything soft and cuddly, but I now know that no kitty cat will ever replace me.

And I also met some very large 4 leggeds who were very very nice and sweet. RJ in particular was such a sweet boy and he even licked my face. JD, please take note... NO matter how much you puff out your chest, you will never be as big as RJ, so stop that cocky behavior.

The one thing that gave me a small jolt was seeing my dogtor. I can emotionally tolerate going to his office to see him. But when I saw him at Bark in the Park, I felt my heart skip a beat. And you know what else... even Jennifer from his office was there, in fact, his whole office crew was there! I had a split second of panic, but them momma said that they had a booth not far from us, so, I chilled out. No needles no nothing to worry about.

I do owe a personal thanks to auntie Robin. She held me for a log time on her lap. Look, I have never denied my nature and I am sort of ... kind of... spoiled. I am so quintessentially Bichon that a lap is my preferred seating. And grass... is not... And meeting new people while comfy on auntie Robin's lap made the experience more fun.

The Tidewater Bichon parade was really fun. People were a little surprised at the number of white fluffy paraders! And they were shocked at "how soft" we feel. I bet we lowered the blood pressure of every petter at the park.

To my City- the City of Chesapeake who organized this event attended by 10,000 people with their pets. THANK YOU. This year it was the best! Loved the tents, loved the Oasis! Loved it all.

For those of you who bought Bella's fudge and brownies you need to know that you can always get more! Just contact me at Silvieon4@gmail .com. Bella is our youngest volunteer and at age 10 she has a wonderful business called BELLA'S DESIGNS and she makes custom jewelry, handmade desserts and accessories.

I am still tired, and still processing yesterday. For now, xoxox

going to nap


Honeygo Beasley said...

Glad the weather was good for your parade. I wish we were closer and could have participated with you. Voted for you today - vote #189! Go, Silvie, go!

silvieon4 said...

Yeaaa Chloe. I wish you could have been here for the parade. You know how people stare at one Bichon? We had a whole group of us. People were saying things like :"OMG Look they are all white and fluffy" As if we should be something else? hahahahaha silly humans!

bichonpawz said...

Bichon Bashes are the most fun!! We went to one in NY a couple of years ago and had a blast!! So glad you had good weather!