Sunday, October 25, 2009


Well guys, it is over. I made it in the top 10- :)) Not bad not bad at all. (8th actually...) While I am out of the finals, I have taken stock and let me tell you... I don't feel I lost!

It has been a ride. But what a ride! I went into this contest for 3 main reasons: 1] Promote awareness both of rescue and its vital function, and awareness of my breed and why so many of us need to be rescued. 2] Promote Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue. 3] And yes, of course... the money! I could see TBFR never turning a dog away for lack of space or funds. I think I accomplished 1 and 2 and a tiny bit of part 3. But, the truth is I have been blessed and enriched by the whole experience. Who ever knew that entering this contest would bring me the best gifts of all? Friendship, loyalty, encouragement. To all of you, noble souls who supported my every effort, I can only say two words: THANK YOU!
From auntie Robin, to aunties Susan, Lisa, Darlene, uncle Jack, uncle Carl, uncle Kevin and my whole Tidewater Bichon Frise family, and yes they are FAMILY!!!!! My daddy and my human siblings, to Bella, our youngest volunteer, you all HELPED! And, no I am not forgetting my blogging pals. Yes, Chloe Honeygo Beasley, Karen, Rocky Carr, Pumpkin and all my Ning buddies, Bermudabluez, Marshmallow, Ricotta, My Dogsters pals, and Doggy Space. Every one of you who helped. THANK YOU!!!

Mr. Faber, I will always think of you first! I am sure there will be more to come...

To all those people who sent in checks to TBFR,
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Your support enables our mission to continue: RESCUE REHABILITATE REHOME!!!!

And finally to all my fellow rescues. BE PROUD. You are a RESCUED DOG. You are NOT a discount dog, a damaged dog, or a lesser dog. Like me, you are a LUCKY dog.

Oh , for sure. Thank you momma. I love you a lot. xoxoxoxox


PS. we spoke to a lady who said she learned about Bichons and rescue from watching a Do-dah Parade at Bark in the Park!!!!!


rocky-dog said...

Hey 'vie! Mama says she's really sorry to see that it was close again, but no banana (whatever the heck THAT means????) I really gotta wonder about that woman. But you know you gave it your all -- I mean you did the posters, you did the tv you are a STAR!

So now on to other stuff. Mama was unpacking the halloween lights (this woman puts lights on the house for the weirdest reasons!) and unfortunately there was a halloween fluffy COSTUME collar in the box and she put it ON me! Let me tell you, I do NOT like costumes or funny collars or sweaters or raincoats or anything -- hmmmmpft, I don't even like harnesses. Just give me a basic collar to hang my tags and hook my leash. I went into doggie statue mode and then tried to hide in the back yard. Mama took the thing off but it's now sitting on one of the boxes in the garage. Do you think I should grab it and go bury it somewhere?? Do you think mama would miss it?

I really don't like this idea of dressing up us 4leggeds. After all aren't we perfect enough as it is???

Hang in there Silvie. I will always be your paw-pal!


Unknown said...

Oh, Silvie, Chica and I are so bummed that you didn't win. But we are glad you had fun trying. We had fun voting numerous times every day.