Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tasty Tuesday- reinventing the wheel part1

Yuh, momma is cute.  BUT she is clever.  She is seriously clever.... When daddy brought home 2 whole turkey breasts, momma thought about it for a sec. Freeze one? Nahhh... How to work efficiently...
She pulled out an over rack, sat it on the sink which she had scrubbed clean... Look...
Then after slicing the turkey she pulled out skewers.. and then she layed the skewers across the rack making hanging strips.... and voila` now she could dehydrate twice as much turkey in the same amount of time!

Ok, I have a whole new respect for momma. OMD, look at that beautiful oven full of delights in the making. Oven is set at 200 convection... and the smells are making us nutty.
I love that woman.

And she forced hizzzz honor daddy pooh into admitting she is smart. I guess she needed to hear it. He simply smirked at her and bit his lower lip.  That's the daddy "tell"... He KNOWS she is smart. She chased him properly until he caught her. 

Time to just sit and wait for the turkey to become Jerky!


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