Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday Mischief Blog Hop

It is Monday again.  This is the day that robs us of daddy.  Come Monday he just disappears for hours and hours and hours....

Not cool.

Not cool at all. Wendy thinks he sees other dogs on the side. Momma says that daddy is doing his "JOB".
So, let me understand this.... He needs to be at a specific other place just to judge people?
Biz---Arrrre. I judge people all the time. I can do it from anywhere!  In fact, I am judging people right now.
Hoomans are just plain weird.

Meanwhile... time to get into MONDAYYYYYY [say it like the Thomson Raceway Announcement back from the ancient times -before me- daddy does this fake TV commercial voice, you know...hyper voiced? do that!]   MONDAYYYY MISCHIEF!!!

The contenders:  Wompehm Wendy [it's her fighting name] and Super Silvie!!!! [me, of course]

Now check out how we scare the heebe jeebes out of momma. [Not true.  I have looked- nothing came out of that woman.  I have been dying to see heebe- jeebes for years now.  She is forever claiming that they are being scared out of her.  They must be like fumes or something... Anyway....

Ding!  Let the rumbleee begin!

Wendy makes it look so scary I love it!

Seriously love it...I can barely keep a straight face.  Momma is cringing behind the camera.

Snarlllllllll, Snarffffff, Groooowwwwllll...
Devil Dance!

Vampire face!!!! Dark Shadows!!!!!

Wow that was so good!  So so so much FUN... Where is momma?  She in the corner in shock.

You know what I saw to that?  Happy Monday Mischief Blog Hop, find someone you love enough to  rumble with, and DO IT!



Anonymous said...

So much fun, we love to wrestle too.

Marshmallow said...

Do you and the Wendy make lots of scary noises when you're rumblin' too? Mama says that Ricotta and I sound like we're killing each other. It's so much fun!!

Flea said...

Silvie, you have to stop LOOKING for those heebe jeebes and start using your nose. ;)
dogtreatweb dot com

Kolchak Puggle said...

BOL! "I'm judging people right now!" Well said Vie. I agree with you. Why does he have to go places to judge people? Can't he just talk about them behind their backs like regular people do?