Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

JD: "Why are we sitting like this?" 

Silvie: "Cause the momma said it's Wordless Wednesday..."

The Wendy: "Words are stupid anyway, I  like barks better".

Silvieon4: "I hate wordless, but I will wait for my breakfast and then eat it and then I will raise the roof!"

The Wendy:  "We can bark at the people next door. They are new, they don't know the rules."

JD: "They don't even have a cat."

Silvieon4: "What rules? We are the rules, we were there first!"

The Wendy: "I smell breakfast, I am hungry."

JD: "Me too.  We eat, we nap and then we raise the roof!"

Silvieon4: "I slept all night, I eat then I raise the roof."

Wendy: "Leave the roof alone, I like it where it is!"

Silvieon4: "It's just an idiom, you know words, that mean something else!"

Wendy: "I told you I hate words... you never know what they mean... I like barks better, way better"

Silvieon4: "Chow time!"


Anonymous said...

Hee hee. I can only imagine the dialog.

Kia said...

LOL very cute! I hopped by via Blog Paws Hop. Happy Wordless Wednesday!