Monday, October 22, 2012

Heck No way


What the fudge? Are we woffing kidding?
translation: Halloween costume for your dog, are you making it correctly?

That has got to be the most objectionable costume of all times bar none....except for that hideous pig outfit momma put on me one year. But at least she suffered along in that stinky wolf mask.

 Pronto, someone get me some WAG rep on the phone. Foley are you up to taking on a case of extreme emotional abuse? Res ipsa loquitur... The thing speaks for itself. To take a beautiful four legged and turn them into a nasty 8 legged squashiable.... Ewwwwwww. 

 Auntie Jodi, No! You will not even thing of my beautiful  handsome Kol in the same sentence as this! I forbid it. Do we understand each other?
 This post is a cautionary tale post, not INSPIRATION. What on earth is wrong with hoomans... Are they all this screwy? Why is momma looking at me? No, there is no way I want to be a white spider, none. Back off. We agreed.... PRINCESS befitting of my station.

 'vexed 'vie


bichonpawz said...

That should seriously be against the law. Arrest that owner!!

Marshmallow said...

That's just wrong! Why would you want to take a handsome boy like that and turn him into a creepy crawly?!

Kolchak Puggle said...

HOLY WOOF! Vie, do NOT EVER WORRY. Never. This will never happen at Casa de Kolchak. I don't even like itty tiny baby spiders forget giant ugly dog sized spiders. I almost tossed my cookies looking at that. UGH! - Never! Your Koly is safe. Love Auntie Jodi