Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dear Sandy, git!

Dear miserable Sandy,

I am so glad you are now gone. You were unwanted, unwelcomed and unappreciated.  You left much destruction, much sadness and a ton of clean up work.

We worry about all of our friends who were in your path. We know they are facing all kinds of challenges.

Personally I think you should be made illegal. But then I am a little dog and I labor under the delusion that all hoomans have powers to control the weather, which is why I yell at momma to make it stop raining.

My Wendy handled this storm much better.  Lots of people around.  Lots of baking, she only visited the pantry and the closet and did not take up refuge.  I think having the daddy home made her feel safer.

Well, we are all over it. Please bring out the sun.  Dry up the muck out there so momma can stop sounding like an old bellow. Momma and mold are nemesis.

I frankly need a long belly rub and a long boardwalk stroll. I feel like I have been cloistered too long.

Call me cosmopolitan or something, but I need to go out, see and be seen. Shop and be admired.
After all, this much cuteness cannot and should not be contained.

I need to go cheer up the world.

Mommmmmmmaaaaa, get dressed, we need to go out!



NanaNor's said...

Girl you look so beautiful, it is no wonder why people stop to admire you!
Glad you are o.k. and hope you get to go out today.
Wags,Noreen & Hunter

Marshmallow said...

I'm with you, 'vie. It was time for that Sandy to just GO!! I did like having mama and daddy home for a few days, but enough with the rain already.