Monday, October 1, 2012


Hm. I wanted to share something. You know how we went to the Neptune Festival? Well, we go out to a lot of places and we are exposed to lots of interaction with two leggeds. What really amazes me is the "uniformity" of reactions that we get . It really does not matter whether it is a street festival or an arcade art event, or Bark in the Park, or The Bugaloo... whatever, wherever... whenever..

There are 10 top common two leggeds seeing us in our stroller.  In descending order here they are:

10. That buggy looks comfy, mind If I climb in and get strolled around? Usually it is a big guy who asks that. And have you seen momma?  She is on the small side. I am sure she would mind.  Never mind her, I WOULD MIND!

9.  Are they for sale?  NOOOOOO... NEVAH... YOU could not afford us ON ANY LEVEL. I want momma to write that on the buggy, but she won't.

8. Why would a Bichon ever need to be rescued?  Are you kidding me??? Have you been living in make believe land for very long?  I do love watching momma turn into her rainbow shade and educate them, it never gets old. 

7. Are they hard to deal with? Who? What? Moi?  US?  We are not hard to deal with.  But we do need to be properly cared for. While I look this good. naturally, I still require maintenance and you have thumbs. 

6. Where did you get the buggy?  Fair question.  I always let momma answer that one.But in all fairness, she needs to tell them that this buggy was customized. We have a reinforced bottom, tufted cushions, water bowl, and even a solar fan. This is not off the rack. As they say ...our ride is pimped out. Great suspension system.

5. "Can I take that one home"? Back off Jack, that's not even remotely funny.  And this is why I like my buggy zipped up. And we don't encourage people pawing us. JD does sort of work the girls. But, that's HIS choice, not mine.

4. "Ohhhh so so so so cuuuuute! Are they related?" My answer always is  YES, BY CHOICE. Jealous?  I got to pick my relatives!

3.  "What are they?" I always want to answer "We are pieces of momma's heart." Which we are. Oh they asking about our breed? Hm. Clearly they can't read...
My buggy says... Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue. Let me take a shot... we are BICHONS?

2.  "Oh MY... there are 2??? oh my 3!!!! in there". Really, that's a big deal??? Then they ask if they can take a picture. Yes... is on the buggy. They could see tons of pictures...
but ...again... maybe they can't read...

1.  Number one reaction, using both index fingers to point... one hooman to another LOOOOOOOOOK! Yea. No, they did not get that memo. It is NOT polite to point.

Occasionally we are surprised by a wonderful reaction. Yesterday a lady came up to us with a huge smile and declared us to be:

"A bevy of beauuuuuuuuuuuuuutiful Bichons!"

Loved it!  Loved her, I did let her pet me. She knew her way around a Bichon belly rub. 

Oh least I forget.  Auntie Robin, I love doing my ambassador work for my peeps at TBFR.
But I have to ask... Did you really turn these many people down or do I just keep running into your turn downs?  And now when they start with "that woman..." I roll my eyes and start trying to figure out what you saw or did not see... I am not sure I hear anything else.

We do answer a lot of questions, everything from food, to vets, to grooming to rescue... 

And yes we have the occasional twit who offers fifty dollars to take one of us home.... AS IF... go to no. 9...

We try our best behavior because we are representing both TBFR and VA Beach.  And I must admit, momma and daddy do make it rewarding.

But... it is a job. As anyone who has ever done PR knows... it is work. And yesterday I earned my nap and belly rub and even my trip to Home Goods was EARNED. 



silvieon4 said...

Dearest Noreen, we won't publish your comment because we value your privacy and you had included your e mail address. First of all thank you. And we eat a home cooked diet. If you search this blog you will find a ton of recipes. JD has multiple deadly intolerances .. ie to chicken and beef... I don't do well on chicken either, so we get lots of lamb, turkey, rive, pumpkin, veggies, soups, stews, and grilled food. We also like seafood and sushi [except Wendy thinks seafood belongs in the bottom of the sea. But she likes tuna... go figure] We don't do commercial food. I used to eat California Natural when I was at White dog Cottage. Momma tried giving me some a few weeks ago and we had a discussion. I will eat it when she eats it. Nuff said.

Flea said...

Silvie, you're so floofy and fun. :) I saw tons of pretty dogs this weekend, lots of them rescue pups. As dog etiquette requires, I always offered the back of my hand for a sniff, asked their moms if I could pet, then of COURSE asked the moms if I could take a picture. Moms were more than happy to let me be shutter bugs, but some of the pretty dogs weren't so happy to sit still for a camera. :)