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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


use a good gnocchi recipe: INGREDIENTS 2 lbs whole baking potatoes baked, fluffled, mashed. 2 beaten egg yolks 1 1/2 cups semolina flour Pinch of salt you can follow this method. MOMMA CHEATS! She has a machine that spews them out. Yes she can and has made them by hand, but she cheats... hers look like this. We are dealing with post storm puter issues, so this is the best we can do post wise, sorry guys! 'vie


Kirby the Dorkie said...

I has never had gnocchi. Hey mama come reads this!

Kolchak Puggle said...

Ohhhhhh gnocci, what a great idea 'Vie. I bet your Momma makes GREAT gnocci. Shhhhh..don't tell her, but my Mama's is only so so. If you cover it with lots of sauce, it's OK...

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